Sharp X68000 Disassemblies
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2790 lines
40 KiB

* DIS version 3.16
* Label file for human.sys
006800 P Start
006804 DB
006805 DB
006806 DW
006808 DB
006809 DB
00680a DB
00680b DB
00680c DW
00680e DW
006810 DL
006814 DB
006815 DB
006816 DB
006817 DB
006818 DB
006819 DS HelloString
006874 P SetupTrap14
006890 P
006892 P Trap14Handler
0068a0 P
0068a2 P Start2
006928 P CTRLVCHandler
006940 P
00694a P UnknownSubroutine0694a
00694c P
006954 P UnknownSubroutine06954
00695c P UnknownSubroutine0695c
006968 P
006978 P
006986 P
006988 P UnknownSubroutine06988
006992 P
006998 P
00699c P
0069a8 P
0069b4 P
0069bc P UnknownSubroutine069bc
0069c0 P
0069cc P
0069d4 P UnknownSubroutine069d4
0069d8 P UnknownSubroutine069d8
0069da P
0069e4 P
0069f2 P
0069f8 P UnknownSubroutine069f8
0069fc P
006a04 P
006a18 P
006a1c P UnknownSubroutine06a1c
006a2a P UnknownSubroutine06a2a
006a2c P
006a3c P
006a50 P
006a52 P
006a5e P
006a66 P UnknownSubroutine06a66
006a82 P
006a88 P UnknownSubroutine06a88
006a96 P UnknownSubroutine06a96
006aba P
006ac2 P UnknownSubroutine06ac2
006af2 P
006b1a P
006b3a P
006b3c P UnknownSubroutine06b3c
006b6e P
006bc8 P
006bd0 P
006bd2 P
006bda P
006bdc P UnknownSubroutine06bdc
006c36 P
006c6e P UnknownSubroutine06c6e
006cb0 P UnknownSubroutine06cb0
006cb6 P
006cc8 P UnknownSubroutine06cc8
006cda P
006ce4 P
006cea P
006cf2 P
006cf8 P UnknownSubroutine06cf8
006d10 P UnknownSubroutine06d10
006d3c P
006d56 P UnknownSubroutine06d56
006db2 P
006dbc P
006de0 P
006df2 P
006dfe P
006e08 P
006e0a P UnknownSubroutine06e0a
006e0e P
006e6c P
006e7e P
006e80 P UnknownSubroutine06e80
006e8e P UnknownSubroutine06e8e
006e9c P UnknownSubroutine06e9c
006ea8 P
006eb6 P
006eb8 P UnknownSubroutine06eb8
006ed6 P
006ede P
006ee0 P UnknownSubroutine06ee0
006f04 P
006f1a P
006f20 P UnknownSubroutine06f20
006f36 P
006f38 P UnknownSubroutine06f38
006f6c P UnknownSubroutine06f6c
006fa6 P
006fc6 P
006fce P
006fe0 P
006fe4 P
006fea P UnknownSubroutine06fea
007028 P
00702e P UnknownSubroutine0702e
007052 P
007056 DL
00707e P
007080 P
0070aa P
0070ac P
0070b8 P
0070ba P UnknownSubroutine070ba
0070e0 P
0070f8 P
007104 P
007110 P
007114 P
00711e P
007122 P
007126 P
007128 P
007134 P UnknownSubroutine07134
00713e P
007140 P UnknownSubroutine07140
00715a P
007170 P UnknownSubroutine07170
00718e P UnknownSubroutine0718e
0071f8 P
0071fa P
007204 P UnknownSubroutine07204
007220 P
00722a P
00722c P
007236 P UnknownSubroutine07236
007250 P
007252 P
00725c P UnknownSubroutine0725c
007278 P
00727a P
007284 P UnknownSubroutine07284
00729e P
0072a0 P
0072aa P UnknownSubroutine072aa
0072d8 P
0072dc P
0072e0 P UnknownSubroutine072e0
0072f0 P
007332 P
00733a P
007342 P
00734a P
007352 P
00735a P
00735c P UnknownSubroutine0735c
00739c P
0073a6 P
0073ae P
0073b8 P
0073e6 P UnknownSubroutine073e6
00742c P UnknownSubroutine0742c
007452 P
00745a P
00746e P
007470 P
00748c P UnknownSubroutine0748c
0074b0 P UnknownSubroutine074b0
0074dc P
0074de P
0074ea P UnknownSubroutine074ea
007534 P
00755a P UnknownSubroutine0755a
007568 P
00758c P UnknownSubroutine0758c
0075d2 P
0075d4 P
0075e0 P UnknownSubroutine075e0
007604 P
007606 P
007614 P UnknownSubroutine07614
007632 P
007634 P
00763c P UnknownSubroutine0763c
007656 P
007658 P UnknownSubroutine07658
007662 P UnknownSubroutine07662
007684 P
007686 P
00768c P UnknownSubroutine0768c
00769c P UnknownSubroutine0769c
0076aa P UnknownSubroutine076aa
00775e P
007776 P
007782 P
00778e P
0077a0 P
0077ac P
0077b8 P
0077be P
0077c0 P UnknownSubroutine077c0
0077fa P
0077fc P UnknownSubroutine077fc
007858 P
0078a6 P
0078c4 P
0078dc P
0078de P
0078e6 P
0078ec P
0078f6 P UnknownSubroutine078f6
0078fa P
0078fc P CursorOff
007902 P SetupCallHandlers
007910 P
00791e P
00793a P
007a3a P
007a3c P UnknownSubroutine07a3c
007a42 P
007a74 P
007a7a P
007a7c P UnknownSubroutine07a7c
007a8c DU
007a90 DB
007a91 DS ClockStr
007a99 DS ConfigDotStr
007aa0 DS SysStr
007aa4 DS FilesStr
007aaa DS BuffersStr
007ab2 DS LastdriveStr
007abc DS TitleStr
007ac2 DS KeyStr
007ac6 DS UskcgStr
007acc DS BellStr
007ad1 DS DeviceStr
007ad8 DS ProcessStr
007ae0 DS ShareStr
007ae6 DS CommonStr
007aed DS EnvsetStr
007af4 DS ProgramStr
007afc DS ShellStr
007b02 DS BreakStr
007b08 DS VerifyStr
007b0f DS NewfatStr
007b16 DS ScsidevStr
007b1e DS ExconfigStr
007b27 DS FflushStr
007b2e DS DirschStr
007b35 DS CttyStr
007b3a DS RomdbStr
007b40 DS OffStr
007b44 DS TitleSysStr
007b50 DS HumanAuthorStr
007b9e DS KeySysStr
007ba6 DL
007baa DS DefaultPathStr
007bd0 DS DoNotDistributeStr
007bf8 DS UskcgSysStr
007c02 DW
007c08 DL
007c10 DS VersionUpStr
007c20 DS ForX68000Str
007c30 DS StartVer
007c40 DS Ver100
007c50 DS Ver101
007c60 DS Ver200
007c70 DS Ver201
007c80 DS Ver202
007c90 DS Ver203
007ca0 DS ForX680x0Str
007cb0 DS Ver215
007cc0 DS Ver300
007cd0 DS StaffListStr
007ce0 DS YoshioMotosako1Str
007cf0 DS YuujiTanakaStr
007d02 DS CannotRegisterEnvVarStr
007d2c DS CannotStartStr
007d48 DS
007d7b DS
007d94 DS
007dbd DS
007def DS
007e32 DS
007e6b DU
007e70 P UnknownSubroutine07e70
007e8a P
007e9a P UnknownSubroutine07e9a
007ed4 P
007ef0 P
007ef6 P
007f0c P UnknownSubroutine07f0c
007f34 P
007f6e P
007f76 DU
007f78 P UnknownSubroutine07f78
007fa8 P
007fac P
007fb6 P
007fce P
007ff6 P
008008 P UnknownSubroutine08008
008028 P
00805c P
0080b2 P
0080b4 P
0080bc P
0080e0 P
008120 P
00813e P
008142 P
008160 P
008184 P
0081a6 P
0081c6 P
0081d0 P
0081e2 P UnknownSubroutine081e2
008202 P UnknownSubroutine08202
008216 P UnknownSubroutine08216
00822a P
008236 P
008238 P
008242 P
008248 P UnknownSubroutine08248
008264 P
008272 P
00828a P
008290 P UnknownSubroutine08290
0082a4 P
0082b2 P UnknownSubroutine082b2
0082bc P
0082d0 P UnknownSubroutine082d0
0082e6 P
0082fc P
008310 P
008338 P
008344 P
008358 P
008370 P
008371 DU
008372 DL DOSMEMPrev
008376 DL DOSMEMParent
00837a DL DOSMEMLast
00837e DL DOSMEMNext
008382 DL DOSPSPEnvPtr
008386 DL DOSPSPRetAddr
00838a DL DOSPSPCtrlCAddr
00838e DL DOSPSPErrorAddr
008392 DL DOSPSPCmdLineAddr
008396 DB DOSPSPFileHandleMask
0083a2 DL DOSPSPBSSStart
0083a6 DL DOSPSPHeapStart
0083aa DL DOSPSPStackTop
0083ae DL DOSPSPParentUSP
0083b2 DL DOSPSPParentSSP
0083b6 DW DOSPSPParentSR
0083b8 DW DOSPSPAbortSR
0083ba DL DOSPSPAbortSSP
0083be DL DOSPSPTrap10Vec
0083c2 DL DOSPSPTrap11Vec
0083c6 DL DOSPSPTrap12Vec
0083ca DL DOSPSPTrap13Vec
0083ce DL DOSPSPTrap14Vec
0083d2 DL DOSPSPShellFlag
0083d6 DB DOSPSPModuleNumber
0083d7 DB DOSPSPUnused3Bytes
0083da DL DOSPSPChildPSP
0083de DL DOSPSPUnused5Longs
0083f2 DS DPSPSPExecDriveName
0083f4 DS DPSPSPExecPathName
008436 DS DPSPSPExecFileName
00844e DS DPSPSPUnused9Longs
008472 P
008484 P
00848a P
0084f4 P
008518 P
008524 P
00852c P
008532 P
00855a P UnknownSubroutine0855a
008596 P
008598 P LineFExceptionHandler
0085b4 P
0085cc P
0085ec P
008604 P
008616 P
00861e P
008624 P
008646 P
008652 P
00866c P Call_Reserved
008670 P Trap11Handler
00868c P
00868e P Trap10Handler
0086a2 P
0086a4 P
0086b0 P
0086d8 P
0086f2 P
00870a P
008716 P
008730 P
008740 P UnknownSubroutine08740
008750 P
008752 P UnknownSubroutine08752
00875e P
008760 P UnknownSubroutine08760
008778 P
008780 P
008790 P
008798 P UnknownSubroutine08798
0087b4 P
0087c0 P UnknownSubroutine087c0
0087c4 P
0087d4 P UnknownSubroutine087d4
0087ec P
00880c P
008814 P
008816 P
008818 P UnknownSubroutine08818
00881a P
008824 P
008826 P
00882e P UnknownSubroutine0882e
008834 P UnknownSubroutine08834
00884c P
00884e P
00885e P Call_GETCHAR
00887c P
008882 P
008888 P Call_PUTCHAR
00888a P UnknownSubroutine0888a
00888e P
008898 P
0088a6 P UnknownSubroutine088a6
0088be P
0088c0 P
0088cc P
0088d8 P
0088e4 P Call_COMINP
0088f6 P
0088fc P Call_COMOUT
0088fe P
008910 P
008918 P Call_PRNOUT
00891a P
00892c P
008934 P Call_INPOUT
00894a P
008952 P
00895a P
00895c P Call_INKEY
008970 P
00897a P Call_GETC
008992 P
008998 P
00899e P Call_PRINT
0089a0 P
0089ac P
0089ae P UnknownSubroutine089ae
0089c6 P Call_GETSS
0089cc P Call_GETS
0089ce P
0089d4 P
0089d8 P
0089e8 P
0089ec P
0089f2 P
0089f8 P
008a02 P
008a22 P
008a44 P
008a50 P
008a56 P
008a68 P
008a78 P
008a8e P
008aae P
008ad0 P
008ad8 RW
008afc P UnknownSubroutine08afc
008b06 P
008b1a P UnknownSubroutine08b1a
008b22 P
008b44 P
008b46 P UnknownSubroutine08b46
008b50 P
008b64 P
008b68 P
008b76 P UnknownSubroutine08b76
008b96 P
008b9e P
008ba6 P
008bae P
008bb6 P UnknownSubroutine08bb6
008bc8 P
008bcc P
008bd0 P UnknownSubroutine08bd0
008be8 P
008bea P UnknownSubroutine08bea
008c06 P
008c0c P
008c12 P
008c24 P
008c2c P
008c30 P
008c34 P
008c4e P
008c52 P
008c6a P
008c7a P
008c7c P
008c90 P
008c94 P
008ca8 P
008cac P
008cc4 P
008cc6 P
008cdc P
008cec P
008d0c P UnknownSubroutine08d0c
008d14 P
008d30 P
008d4e P
008d60 P UnknownSubroutine08d60
008d6e P
008d72 P
008d8a P
008d94 P
008da0 P UnknownSubroutine08da0
008da6 P
008db2 P UnknownSubroutine08db2
008e0a P
008e26 P UnknownSubroutine08e26
008e2a P
008e2c P UnknownSubroutine08e2c
008e2e P UnknownSubroutine08e2e
008e36 P
008e40 P UnknownSubroutine08e40
008e50 P
008e52 P UnknownSubroutine08e52
008e5e P
008e60 P UnknownSubroutine08e60
008e72 P UnknownSubroutine08e72
008e8c P
008e98 P
008e9e P
008ea4 P UnknownSubroutine08ea4
008eb0 P
008eba P
008ebc P
008ed6 DB
008ee0 P Call_KEYSNS
008efc P
008efe P
008f0a P
008f16 P Call_KFLUSH
008f48 P UnknownSubroutine08f48
008f52 P
008f54 P UnknownSubroutine08f54
008f5e P
008f62 P UnknownSubroutine08f62
008f6e P
008f70 P UnknownSubroutine08f70
008f74 P UnknownSubroutine08f74
008f78 P UnknownSubroutine08f78
008f7c P UnknownSubroutine08f7c
008f7e P UnknownSubroutine08f7e
008f98 P UnknownSubroutine08f98
008f9a P UnknownSubroutine08f9a
008fb6 P
008fbc P UnknownSubroutine08fbc
008fc2 P
008fc8 P UnknownSubroutine08fc8
008fce P
008fd2 P
00900c P
009014 P UnknownSubroutine09014
009020 P UnknownSubroutine09020
009022 P UnknownSubroutine09022
009030 P UnknownSubroutine09030
009040 P Call_CONSNS
009046 P Call_PRNSNS
00904c P Call_CINSNS
009052 P Call_COUTSNS
009058 P UnknownSubroutine09058
009088 P
009092 P
00909a P
0090c8 P
0090d2 P Call_MALLOC2
0090de P Call_MALLOC
0090e0 P
0090e8 P
0090f4 P
00910c P
009114 P
009142 P
00914c P
009174 P
00917c P
0091a0 P
0091aa P
0091cc P
0091e8 P
0091f4 P
009200 P
00921e P
009230 P
009242 P
009246 P
009248 P
00925a P
009268 P
009270 P Call_MFREE
009274 P
00927e P
00928a P
00928e P
0092a8 P
0092ac P
0092b8 P UnknownSubroutine092b8
0092c0 P
0092d4 P
0092e0 P
0092e6 P UnknownSubroutine092e6
0092ea P
009310 P
00931e P UnknownSubroutine0931e
00932a P
00932c P Call_SETBLOCK
00933a P
009350 P
009360 P
00936a P
00937c P Call_PSPSET
009383 DU
009384 P UnknownSubroutine09384
00938c P UnknownSubroutine0938c
0093be P
0093e6 P
00940c P Call_EXEC
00941a P
00945a P
0094b8 P
0094dc P
0094f4 P
0094f8 P
0094fc P
009500 P
009502 P
00950e P
009510 P
009536 P
009554 P
00955a P
00955c P
009560 P
00958c P
0095fe P
00960c P
00961a P UnknownSubroutine0961a
00964e P
00967e P
0096c2 P
0096d0 P
0096e4 P
0096f4 P
0096fe P
00970c P
00971e P
009756 P
00975e P
00976e P
009772 P
009798 P
0097b2 P
0097b6 P
0097ca P
009812 P
0098a0 P UnknownSubroutine098a0
0098b0 P
0098b2 P
0098be P
0098c0 P UnknownSubroutine098c0
0098d8 P
0098ea P
0098f6 P
0098fa P
0098fc P
009908 P UnknownSubroutine09908
009916 P
009918 P UnknownSubroutine09918
009942 P
00994c P
009950 P
009952 P
009956 P
00995a P
00995c P
00996c P
00997c P UnknownSubroutine0997c
009982 P
00998a P
0099aa P
0099b2 P UnknownSubroutine099b2
0099ca P
0099d8 P UnknownSubroutine099d8
0099dc P
0099fa P
009a06 P
009a0e P UnknownSubroutine09a0e
009a58 P
009a5a P UnknownSubroutine09a5a
009a60 P
009a62 P UnknownSubroutine09a62
009a80 P UnknownSubroutine09a80
009a94 P UnknownSubroutine09a94
009ab4 P UnknownSubroutine09ab4
009ac6 P UnknownSubroutine09ac6
009b36 P
009b3a P
009b40 P UnknownSubroutine09b40
009b74 P
009b7a P UnknownSubroutine09b7a
009b8c P
009bae P
009bc0 P
009bc4 P
009bda P
009be8 P
009c0e P
009c10 P
009c16 P UnknownSubroutine09c16
009c1c P
009c24 P
009c4c P
009c4e P
009c5e P
009c6c P
009c7e P
009c84 P
009c90 P
009c92 P
009c96 P
009cb2 P
009d02 P
009d04 P
009d14 P
009d24 P
009d2a P
009d36 P
009d3e P
009d42 P UnknownSubroutine09d42
009d5c P
009d72 P
009d7e P
009d82 P
009d8e P
009d90 P
009dae P
009dc4 P
009de8 P
009df6 P
009dfa P UnknownSubroutine09dfa
009e00 P
009e1c P
009e1e P
009e30 P
009e36 P
009e38 P
009e48 P
009e4c P
009e56 P UnknownSubroutine09e56
009e60 P
009e6e P
009e80 P
009e8a P
009e96 P
009ea0 P
009ea2 P UnknownSubroutine09ea2
009eae P
009eba P
009ebc P
009ec2 P UnknownSubroutine09ec2
009ec6 P
009ed4 P UnknownSubroutine09ed4
009ed8 P
009ee2 P UnknownSubroutine09ee2
009ee6 P
009eec P
009ef6 P UnknownSubroutine09ef6
009efc P
009f00 P
009f08 P
009f0e P
009f10 P
009f18 P UnknownSubroutine09f18
009f1a P
009f32 P UnknownSubroutine09f32
009f3c P
009f48 P
009f5a P
009f5e P
009f62 P
009f72 P
009f76 P
009f7c P UnknownSubroutine09f7c
009f8c P UnknownSubroutine09f8c
009f94 P UnknownSubroutine09f94
009f9e P
009fb2 P
009fb8 P
009fbc P
009fc8 P
009fce P UnknownSubroutine09fce
009fec P
009ff0 P
009ff8 P Call_EXIT
009ffc P Call_EXIT2
00a000 P
00a026 P
00a04a P Call_KEEPPR
00a07e P
00a092 P
00a0b6 P Call_WAIT
00a0bc P Call_SETPDB
00a0c3 DU
00a0d0 DS
00a0d9 DU
00a0dc P Call_GETPDB
00a0ec P UnknownSubroutine0a0ec
00a0fa P
00a112 P
00a11e P UnknownSubroutine0a11e
00a12c P
00a144 P
00a150 P UnknownSubroutine0a150
00a15e P
00a176 P
00a17e P
00a18c P UnknownSubroutine0a18c
00a190 P
00a19e P
00a1a4 P
00a1a6 P Call_GETENV
00a1b6 P
00a1c8 P
00a1d0 P
00a1d4 P Call_SETENV
00a1e4 P
00a1fa P UnknownSubroutine0a1fa
00a208 P
00a222 P
00a236 P
00a23c P
00a240 P
00a24c P
00a254 P UnknownSubroutine0a254
00a268 P
00a27e P
00a280 P
00a284 P
00a28e P
00a2c6 P
00a2d4 P
00a2ec P
00a2f6 P
00a2fc P
00a300 P
00a302 P
00a30a P UnknownSubroutine0a30a
00a314 P
00a324 P
00a32c P UnknownSubroutine0a32c
00a334 P
00a33c P
00a33e P
00a340 P UnknownSubroutine0a340
00a344 P
00a34a P
00a34c P Call_BREAKCK
00a360 P
00a370 P
00a378 P
00a37c P
00a3a4 P
00a3b2 P UnknownSubroutine0a3b2
00a3be P Call_GETDATE
00a3c6 P
00a3ea P Call_SETDATE
00a400 P UnknownSubroutine0a400
00a40c P Call_GETTIME
00a416 P Call_GETTIM2
00a424 P Call_SETTIME
00a432 P Call_SETTIM2
00a438 P Call_SUPER
00a44a P
00a450 P
00a468 P
00a46c P
00a484 P
00a48a P
00a4a2 P
00a4a8 P
00a4ac P Call_VERNUM
00a4b8 P Call_INTVCS
00a50c P
00a512 P
00a51a P
00a53c P
00a542 P
00a548 P
00a54e P
00a554 P
00a55a P Call_INTVCG
00a562 P UnknownSubroutine0a562
00a576 P
00a57e P Call_FGETC
00a596 P
00a59c P
00a5a4 P Call_FGETS
00a5cc P
00a5ce P
00a5dc P
00a60a P
00a614 P
00a61a P
00a622 P
00a628 P Call_FPUTC
00a640 P Call_FPUTS
00a648 P
00a658 P
00a65a P Call_ALLCLOSE
00a660 P
00a676 P
00a678 P UnknownSubroutine0a678
00a680 P
00a682 P
00a694 P
00a6a8 P Call_DRVXCHG
00a6d2 P
00a6d6 P
00a6ea P UnknownSubroutine0a6ea
00a6f0 P
00a6fa P UnknownSubroutine0a6fa
00a704 P
00a70c P UnknownSubroutine0a70c
00a726 P
00a728 P UnknownSubroutine0a728
00a738 P
00a744 P
00a74c P Call_CURDIR
00a766 P
00a768 P UnknownSubroutine0a768
00a774 P
00a77e P
00a780 P UnknownSubroutine0a780
00a78a P
00a792 P UnknownSubroutine0a792
00a79e P UnknownSubroutine0a79e
00a7d2 P
00a7d6 P UnknownSubroutine0a7d6
00a7f2 P
00a7f6 P
00a7f8 P
00a800 P UnknownSubroutine0a800
00a80e P
00a81c P
00a820 P
00a854 P
00a85e P
00a86a P
00a878 P
00a880 P
00a88a P
00a894 P
00a898 P
00a89c P
00a8ba P UnknownSubroutine0a8ba
00a8be P UnknownSubroutine0a8be
00a8d8 P
00a8dc P UnknownSubroutine0a8dc
00a8e4 P
00a8f6 P
00a8fe P Call_CHGDRV
00a916 P
00a920 P
00a926 P Call_CURDRV
00a92e P Call_DUP
00a94c P
00a94e P Call_DUP0
00a984 P
00a988 P Call_DUP2
00a9a4 P
00a9b8 P
00a9c8 P
00a9ca P Call_GETFCB
00a9d6 P
00a9d8 P UnknownSubroutine0a9d8
00a9f0 P
00aa18 P
00aa26 P
00aa2a P
00aa2e P UnknownSubroutine0aa2e
00aa4c P
00aa58 P
00aa5c P
00aa66 P
00aa68 P UnknownSubroutine0aa68
00aa84 P
00aa92 P
00aa96 P
00aa9e P
00aaa0 P UnknownSubroutine0aaa0
00aaac P
00aaca P
00aad0 P UnknownSubroutine0aad0
00aadc P
00aafa P
00ab00 P UnknownSubroutine0ab00
00ab1c P
00ab26 P
00ab2e P
00ab44 P
00ab52 P
00ab54 P
00ab76 P
00ab7a P
00aba4 P UnknownSubroutine0aba4
00abba P
00abd0 P
00abdc P
00abe4 P
00abe6 P
00ac06 P
00ac08 P
00ac0a P UnknownSubroutine0ac0a
00ac20 P
00ac3e P
00ac4c P
00ac5a P
00ac5c P UnknownSubroutine0ac5c
00ac66 P
00ac6e P UnknownSubroutine0ac6e
00ac78 P
00ac80 P Call_FFLUSH_SET
00ac92 P
00ac94 P Call_FFLUSH
00aca6 P
00acb2 P
00acb8 P
00acbc P UnknownSubroutine0acbc
00acce P UnknownSubroutine0acce
00acd8 P UnknownSubroutine0acd8
00acfe P
00ad04 P
00ad08 P Call_VERIFY
00ad0e P Call_VERIFYG
00ad16 P Call_NAMESTS
00ad36 P
00ad38 P Call_NAMECK
00ad62 P
00ad64 P UnknownSubroutine0ad64
00ad68 P UnknownSubroutine0ad68
00ad6a P
00ad70 P
00ad7c P
00ad86 P
00ad90 P UnknownSubroutine0ad90
00adce P
00ade0 P
00adf0 P
00ae04 P
00ae12 P
00ae14 P
00ae1e P UnknownSubroutine0ae1e
00ae40 P
00ae44 P
00ae7e P
00ae86 P
00ae8a P
00ae98 P
00aeb8 P
00aebe P
00aed2 P
00aed4 P
00aed6 P Call_IOCTRL
00aef0 P
00aef2 P
00aef6 DL
00af2e P
00af4c P
00af56 P
00af58 P
00af7e P
00af80 P
00af84 P
00af86 P
00afb0 P
00afb4 P
00afb6 P
00afbe P
00afe0 P
00afe2 P
00afe4 P
00afe8 P
00afea P
00b014 P
00b018 P
00b01a P
00b01c P
00b04a P
00b04c P
00b058 P
00b072 P
00b0a0 P
00b0a8 P
00b0c8 P
00b0d6 P
00b0d8 P
00b0da P Call_DISKRED
00b0de P
00b104 P
00b106 P
00b108 P
00b118 P Call_DISKWRT
00b11c P
00b146 P
00b148 P
00b14a P
00b15a P Call_FATCHK
00b16c P
00b1c6 P
00b1f4 P
00b200 P
00b204 P
00b208 P
00b20a P
00b210 P UnknownSubroutine0b210
00b21c P
00b226 P
00b22e P UnknownSubroutine0b22e
00b246 P
00b24e P UnknownSubroutine0b24e
00b252 P
00b278 P
00b28e P
00b296 P
00b29c P
00b2b6 P
00b2c8 P
00b2e6 P
00b2f2 P
00b2f4 P
00b2fa P UnknownSubroutine0b2fa
00b30a P
00b31c P
00b320 P
00b322 P
00b32a P
00b34c P
00b350 P
00b352 P UnknownSubroutine0b352
00b36a P
00b372 P UnknownSubroutine0b372
00b386 P
00b38a P UnknownSubroutine0b38a
00b3a8 P
00b3ac P
00b3ce P
00b3d8 P
00b3e0 P
00b3f2 P
00b404 P
00b40a P UnknownSubroutine0b40a
00b420 P
00b432 P
00b464 P
00b466 P
00b46a P
00b476 P UnknownSubroutine0b476
00b482 P
00b48a P
00b48c P UnknownSubroutine0b48c
00b49e P
00b4b0 P
00b4b6 P
00b4c2 P
00b4d2 P
00b4d4 P
00b4d8 P
00b4de P UnknownSubroutine0b4de
00b4f0 P
00b4f2 P
00b4f4 P UnknownSubroutine0b4f4
00b4fa P
00b4fe P
00b518 P
00b520 P UnknownSubroutine0b520
00b546 P
00b556 P
00b566 P
00b576 P
00b5a6 P Call_GETDPB
00b5e0 P
00b5f4 P
00b5fe P
00b61a P
00b626 P
00b628 P
00b634 P
00b658 P UnknownSubroutine0b658
00b66a P
00b66c P
00b674 P
00b68e DL
00b692 P
00b6aa DL
00b6ae DL
00b6b2 DL
00b6ba P UnknownSubroutine0b6ba
00b6d8 P UnknownSubroutine0b6d8
00b6de DU
00b6f2 P
00b71a P UnknownSubroutine0b71a
00b730 P UnknownSubroutine0b730
00b746 P
00b75c P UnknownSubroutine0b75c
00b78a P
00b790 P UnknownSubroutine0b790
00b7a6 P UnknownSubroutine0b7a6
00b7bc P UnknownSubroutine0b7bc
00b7d2 P UnknownSubroutine0b7d2
00b7e4 P UnknownSubroutine0b7e4
00b7fe P
00b808 P UnknownSubroutine0b808
00b814 P
00b81e P UnknownSubroutine0b81e
00b838 P
00b840 P
00b848 P UnknownSubroutine0b848
00b84e P UnknownSubroutine0b84e
00b876 P
00b87e P
00b886 P
00b88c P
00b8b2 P
00b8b4 P
00b8ba P
00b8ca P
00b8dc P
00b8e2 P UnknownSubroutine0b8e2
00b8f0 P
00b902 P
00b904 P
00b906 P UnknownSubroutine0b906
00b926 P
00b940 P
00b944 P Call_CHDIR
00b94e P
00b960 P
00b97c P
00b9a8 P
00b9b6 P
00b9bc P
00b9be P
00b9c4 P UnknownSubroutine0b9c4
00b9d8 P
00b9e0 P UnknownSubroutine0b9e0
00b9e6 P
00ba0e P
00ba1c P
00ba20 P Call_MKDIR
00ba2a P
00ba3e P
00ba6c P
00ba6e P
00ba74 P UnknownSubroutine0ba74
00bb0c P
00bb0e P
00bb14 P
00bb1a P UnknownSubroutine0bb1a
00bb34 P UnknownSubroutine0bb34
00bb40 P
00bb54 P
00bb56 P UnknownSubroutine0bb56
00bb5e P
00bb66 P UnknownSubroutine0bb66
00bb6e P
00bb78 P
00bb80 P Call_FILES
00bb9e P
00bba2 P
00bbf4 P
00bbfa P
00bc02 P
00bc08 P UnknownSubroutine0bc08
00bc24 P
00bc32 P
00bc3c P
00bc48 P UnknownSubroutine0bc48
00bc86 P
00bc90 P Call_NFILES
00bcce P
00bcd2 P
00bcda P
00bce0 P UnknownSubroutine0bce0
00bcec P UnknownSubroutine0bcec
00bcfa P
00bd0e P
00bd2c P
00bd44 P
00bd50 P
00bd58 P
00bd62 P
00bd6c P
00bd76 P
00bd80 P
00bd8e P
00bda2 P
00bdb0 P
00bdc2 P
00bdd6 P
00bdda P
00bde6 P
00bdf2 P
00bdfa P
00be00 P
00be06 P
00be12 P UnknownSubroutine0be12
00be22 P
00be34 P
00be3c P
00be48 P UnknownSubroutine0be48
00be7c P UnknownSubroutine0be7c
00be96 P Call_MAKETMP
00be98 P
00be9a P
00bec8 P
00becc P
00bed4 P
00bee6 P
00beea P
00bf00 P
00bf1a P
00bf20 P
00bf22 P
00bf26 P
00bf2a P Call_NEWFILE
00bf2e P Call_CREATE
00bf30 P
00bf5e P
00bf60 P
00bf66 P UnknownSubroutine0bf66
00bf7e P
00bf8a P
00bfca P
00bfec P
00bff0 P
00c012 P
00c01c P
00c01e P
00c022 P
00c024 P
00c036 P
00c03c P
00c04a P
00c054 P
00c058 P UnknownSubroutine0c058
00c07c P
00c07e P UnknownSubroutine0c07e
00c082 P UnknownSubroutine0c082
00c084 P
00c0ba P
00c0c8 P
00c0e4 P Call_OPEN
00c140 P
00c14e P
00c158 P
00c15a P
00c160 P
00c164 P
00c168 P
00c1a0 P UnknownSubroutine0c1a0
00c1ac P
00c1b4 P UnknownSubroutine0c1b4
00c1ba P
00c1f2 P
00c1f6 P
00c1f8 P
00c1fe P UnknownSubroutine0c1fe
00c210 P
00c212 P
00c21a P
00c234 P Call_CLOSE
00c236 P UnknownSubroutine0c236
00c258 P
00c26c P
00c26e P
00c278 P
00c27e P UnknownSubroutine0c27e
00c29e P
00c2ac P Call_READ
00c2ca P
00c2fa P
00c302 P UnknownSubroutine0c302
00c30c P UnknownSubroutine0c30c
00c31c P
00c320 P
00c322 P
00c326 P
00c33e P
00c364 P
00c368 P
00c36c P
00c386 P
00c38a P Call_WRITE
00c3b6 P
00c3f8 P
00c3fa P
00c412 P
00c414 P
00c424 P
00c430 P
00c434 P
00c438 P UnknownSubroutine0c438
00c45e P
00c464 P
00c47a P
00c48c P
00c490 P UnknownSubroutine0c490
00c4b0 P
00c4d4 P
00c4dc P
00c4f0 P
00c4fe P
00c532 P
00c54a P
00c54c P
00c55c P
00c564 P
00c570 P
00c576 P UnknownSubroutine0c576
00c59c P
00c5a0 P
00c5c4 P
00c600 P
00c61e P
00c622 P
00c64e P
00c652 P UnknownSubroutine0c652
00c686 P
00c68a P
00c69c P UnknownSubroutine0c69c
00c6a2 P
00c6ba P
00c6be P
00c6c0 P
00c6c8 P UnknownSubroutine0c6c8
00c6ea P
00c708 P
00c71e P
00c724 P
00c72e P UnknownSubroutine0c72e
00c762 P
00c76a P
00c780 P
00c790 P
00c7c4 P
00c7dc P
00c7de P
00c7f2 P
00c806 P
00c816 P
00c81c P
00c820 P
00c83c P UnknownSubroutine0c83c
00c862 P
00c866 P
00c88a P
00c8c6 P
00c8e4 P
00c8e8 P
00c914 P
00c918 P UnknownSubroutine0c918
00c93c P
00c94e P
00c952 P
00c964 P
00c974 P UnknownSubroutine0c974
00c97a P
00c994 P
00c998 P
00c99a P
00c9a2 P Call_SEEK
00c9d8 P
00c9e4 P
00c9e6 P
00c9ea P
00c9ec P
00c9ee P
00c9f4 P Call_FILEDATE
00ca12 P
00ca40 P
00ca4a P
00ca4c P
00ca52 P Call_DSKFRE
00ca9e P
00caa0 P
00caa4 P
00caa8 P UnknownSubroutine0caa8
00caac P UnknownSubroutine0caac
00caae P
00cae0 P
00cb0a P
00cb2c P
00cb32 P
00cb46 P UnknownSubroutine0cb46
00cb52 P
00cb5c P
00cb5e P
00cb9c P
00cba6 P UnknownSubroutine0cba6
00cbb4 P
00cbb8 P UnknownSubroutine0cbb8
00cbe2 P UnknownSubroutine0cbe2
00cbe6 P
00cc0e P
00cc14 DL
00cc18 P
00cc2a DW
00cc2c P UnknownSubroutine0cc2c
00cc38 P UnknownSubroutine0cc38
00cc44 P UnknownSubroutine0cc44
00cc50 P UnknownSubroutine0cc50
00cc72 P UnknownSubroutine0cc72
00cc94 P UnknownSubroutine0cc94
00ccae P UnknownSubroutine0ccae
00ccc6 P UnknownSubroutine0ccc6
00ccde P UnknownSubroutine0ccde
00ccf6 P UnknownSubroutine0ccf6
00cd0e P UnknownSubroutine0cd0e
00cd26 P UnknownSubroutine0cd26
00cd3e P UnknownSubroutine0cd3e
00cd4c P UnknownSubroutine0cd4c
00cd5a P UnknownSubroutine0cd5a
00cd70 P
00cd9a P
00cda0 P Call_DRVCTRL
00cdae P
00cdee P
00cdf0 P
00cdf4 P
00cdf8 P
00cdfa P
00ce20 P
00ce32 P
00ce3e P
00ce44 P UnknownSubroutine0ce44
00ce4e P
00ce66 P
00ce72 P Call_CHMOD
00ce7c P
00cea6 P
00ceb6 P
00cedc P
00cede P
00cee4 P
00ceec P Call_DELETE
00cef6 P
00cf1e P
00cf24 P
00cf28 P UnknownSubroutine0cf28
00cf6c P
00cf72 P
00cf78 P
00cf7e P Call_RENAME
00cf88 P
00cf8e P
00d046 P
00d068 P
00d070 P
00d078 P
00d084 P
00d09a P
00d09e P
00d0a8 P
00d0ba P
00d0be P
00d0d6 P
00d0da P
00d0dc P
00d0e2 P
00d0e6 P
00d0ea P UnknownSubroutine0d0ea
00d10c P
00d112 P Call_RMDIR
00d11c P
00d13e P
00d144 P
00d148 P UnknownSubroutine0d148
00d18e P
00d1a0 P
00d1a2 P
00d1a6 P
00d1ac P UnknownSubroutine0d1ac
00d1d0 P
00d1d6 P UnknownSubroutine0d1d6
00d206 P
00d216 P
00d218 P
00d222 P UnknownSubroutine0d222
00d22e P
00d242 P
00d24a P
00d24c P
00d266 P
00d278 P
00d28a P
00d290 P
00d2a4 P
00d2ae P UnknownSubroutine0d2ae
00d2b8 P
00d2ee P
00d302 P
00d30e P
00d318 P
00d322 P UnknownSubroutine0d322
00d32c P
00d330 P
00d33c P
00d352 P
00d366 P
00d3aa P
00d3bc P
00d3f2 P
00d3f6 P UnknownSubroutine0d3f6
00d426 P
00d428 P UnknownSubroutine0d428
00d446 P
00d448 P
00d450 P
00d460 P UnknownSubroutine0d460
00d49c P
00d4a6 P UnknownSubroutine0d4a6
00d4ec P UnknownSubroutine0d4ec
00d526 P
00d52a P
00d534 P UnknownSubroutine0d534
00d53a P
00d544 P UnknownSubroutine0d544
00d548 P
00d552 P
00d584 P
00d58e P
00d5b8 P
00d5c4 P
00d5e4 P
00d5ec P
00d5fa P UnknownSubroutine0d5fa
00d608 P
00d620 P
00d634 P Call_ASSIGN
00d686 P
00d68a P
00d68e P
00d69a P
00d6b4 P
00d6d6 P
00d6fa P
00d708 P
00d72c P
00d75a P
00d782 P
00d786 P
00d788 P
00d78e P
00d792 P
00d7b4 P
00d7cc P
00d7dc P
00d7e4 P
00d7f2 P
00d7f6 P
00d814 P
00d820 P
00d82a P UnknownSubroutine0d82a
00d83e P UnknownSubroutine0d83e
00d850 P UnknownSubroutine0d850
00d862 P UnknownSubroutine0d862
00d874 P UnknownSubroutine0d874
00d888 P UnknownSubroutine0d888
00d89c P UnknownSubroutine0d89c
00d8b2 P UnknownSubroutine0d8b2
00d8c4 P UnknownSubroutine0d8c4
00d8d6 P UnknownSubroutine0d8d6
00d8ec P UnknownSubroutine0d8ec
00d8fe P UnknownSubroutine0d8fe
00d910 P UnknownSubroutine0d910
00d920 P UnknownSubroutine0d920
00d932 P UnknownSubroutine0d932
00d942 P UnknownSubroutine0d942
00d952 P UnknownSubroutine0d952
00d964 P UnknownSubroutine0d964
00d974 P UnknownSubroutine0d974
00d984 P UnknownSubroutine0d984
00d990 P UnknownSubroutine0d990
00d99e P
00d9a8 P
00d9e4 P Call_COMMON
00da2a P
00da2c P
00da30 P
00da4c P
00da5c P
00da60 P
00da66 P
00da68 P UnknownSubroutine0da68
00da9a P
00da9e P
00daa8 P
00daac P
00dafc P
00db02 P
00db04 P
00db0a P
00db0c P
00db10 P
00db38 P
00db3e P
00db42 P
00db68 P
00db72 P
00db74 P
00db78 P
00db84 P
00db8a P
00db8c P
00db90 P
00db98 P
00db9a P
00dbb0 P
00dbca P
00dbd0 P
00dbd2 P UnknownSubroutine0dbd2
00dbdc P
00dbfa P
00dbfe P
00dc02 P UnknownSubroutine0dc02
00dc1e P
00dc20 P UnknownSubroutine0dc20
00dc40 P
00dc46 P
00dc54 P
00dc60 P
00dc6e P
00dc80 P
00dc8a P
00dcb2 P
00dcb6 P UnknownSubroutine0dcb6
00dcd4 P
00dcea P
00dcf2 P
00dcf8 P
00dcfa P
00dd02 P UnknownSubroutine0dd02
00dd22 P
00dd32 P
00dd3e P
00dd48 P
00dd4a P UnknownSubroutine0dd4a
00dd5e P
00dd70 P
00dd76 P
00dd78 P
00dd7e P UnknownSubroutine0dd7e
00ddb0 P
00ddb8 DL
00de08 P Call_LOCK
00de3c P
00de4c P
00de54 P
00de58 P
00de74 P
00de7a P
00de82 P
00de84 P
00de86 P
00de96 P
00dea6 P
00deae P
00ded8 P
00dedc P UnknownSubroutine0dedc
00def2 P
00defa P UnknownSubroutine0defa
00df42 P UnknownSubroutine0df42
00df50 P Call_S_MALLOC
00df72 P Call_S_MFREE
00dfb0 P
00dfba P
00dfc8 P Call_S_PROCESS
00e016 P
00e018 P
00e030 P
00e036 P
00e04e P
00e050 P
00e05a P
00e066 P
00e06e P
00e09a P
00e0b0 P
00e10c P
00e10e P
00e11a P
00e128 P
00e13a P
00e146 P
00e14a P
00e176 P
00e1d2 P
00e204 P
00e20c P
00e216 P UnknownSubroutine0e216
00e230 P
00e236 P
00e252 P
00e254 P
00e25e P
00e268 P
00e28a P UnknownSubroutine0e28a
00e2b2 P
00e2b4 P
00e2bc P
00e2c0 P
00e2ca P
00e2e4 P
00e2fe P
00e306 P
00e31c P
00e342 P
00e362 P
00e366 P
00e368 P
00e36c P
00e374 P
00e37a P
00e382 P
00e3a8 P
00e3fc P
00e402 P
00e40c P
00e41e P
00e426 P
00e42a P
00e42e P
00e436 P
00e46e P
00e472 P
00e478 P
00e480 P
00e492 P
00e49e P
00e4b0 P
00e4b8 P
00e4ca P
00e4d8 P
00e516 P
00e51c P
00e544 P
00e552 P
00e55e P
00e564 P
00e56a P
00e572 P
00e592 P
00e5ae P
00e5b0 P
00e5fe P
00e602 P
00e604 P
00e60c P
00e640 P UnknownSubroutine0e640
00e654 P
00e662 P
00e678 P
00e68a P
00e68c P UnknownSubroutine0e68c
00e6b6 P
00e6ba P
00e716 P
00e752 P
00e762 P TIMERDSTHandler
00e76a P
00e770 P
00e782 DB
00e784 DL
00e788 DL
00e78c DL
00e790 DB
00e791 DB
00e792 DL
00e7a6 DS
00e7b6 P UnknownSubroutine0e7b6
00e7c2 P
00e7dc P
00e7ee P UnknownSubroutine0e7ee
00e81e P
00e82a P
00e832 P
00e834 P
00e836 P
00e83c P
00e842 P
00e848 DL
00e84c P
00e858 P UnknownSubroutine0e858
00e864 P UnknownSubroutine0e864
00e870 P UnknownSubroutine0e870
00e886 P UnknownSubroutine0e886
00e89c P UnknownSubroutine0e89c
00e8b2 P UnknownSubroutine0e8b2
00e8c8 P UnknownSubroutine0e8c8
00e8de P UnknownSubroutine0e8de
00e8f4 P Call_OS_PATCH
00e90e P
00e924 P
00e934 P
00e93e P
00e94e P
00e950 P
00e954 P
00e95e P
00e96e P
00e978 P
00e98a P
00e996 P
00e99c P
00e99e P
00e9a4 P
00e9ba P
00ea32 P ReturnFF
00ea36 P UnknownSubroutine0ea36
00ea4e P
00ea70 P UnknownSubroutine0ea70
00ea78 P
00eaae P
00eab4 P
00eabe P UnknownSubroutine0eabe
00eac2 P
00ead2 P
00eaec P
00eb02 P
00eb28 P
00eb30 P
00eb4a P
00eb54 P UnknownSubroutine0eb54
00eb64 P
00eb6c P
00eb74 P
00eb7c P
00eb84 P
00eb94 P UnknownSubroutine0eb94
00ebc2 P
00ebce P
00ebd0 P
00ebdc P
00ebf4 P
00ec02 P
00ec0e P
00ec2a P
00ec34 P
00ec46 P
00ec5e P
00ec6a P
00ec7c P
00ec94 P
00eca0 P
00ed18 P
00ed1c P
00ed20 P
00ed24 P
00ed28 P
00ed36 P
00ed44 P
00ed4a P
00ed66 P
00ed84 P
00ed90 P
00ed92 P
00ed98 P
00eda2 P
00edaa P
00edc8 P
00edd6 P
00eddc P
00ede4 P UnknownSubroutine0ede4
00ee02 P
00ee12 P
00ee20 P
00ee28 P
00ee3a P UnknownSubroutine0ee3a
00ee44 P UnknownSubroutine0ee44
00ee50 P UnknownSubroutine0ee50
00ee6a P UnknownSubroutine0ee6a
00ee78 P UnknownSubroutine0ee78
00ee84 P
00ee98 P
00eeaa P
00eeb6 P
00eebe P
00eed2 P
00eef8 P
00ef22 P
00ef3c P
00ef44 P
00ef4c P
00ef5c P
00ef94 P
00ef98 P
00efba P
00efce P
00efec P
00eff4 P
00effe P
00f012 P
00f018 P
00f032 P
00f03a P
00f04c P
00f04e P UnknownSubroutine0f04e
00f054 P
00f05e P UnknownSubroutine0f05e
00f098 P
00f0c4 P
00f0e4 P
00f0ee P
00f0f6 P
00f11a P
00f11e P
00f18a P
00f18e P
00f192 P
00f194 P
00f198 P
00f19a P
00f19c P
00f1a0 P
00f1a2 P
00f1a4 DL
00f1a8 PF
00f1aE DL
00f1b2 DB
00f1b3 DB
00f1b4 P UnknownSubroutine0f1b4
00f1ca P UnknownSubroutine0f1ca
00f1e0 P UnknownSubroutine0f1e0
00f1f6 P UnknownSubroutine0f1f6
00f20c P
00f222 P UnknownSubroutine0f222
00f238 P UnknownSubroutine0f238
00f250 P UnknownSubroutine0f250
00f266 P UnknownSubroutine0f266
00f27c P UnknownSubroutine0f27c
00f292 P UnknownSubroutine0f292
00f2a8 P UnknownSubroutine0f2a8
00f2be P
00f336 P
00f33a P
00f346 P
00f34a P
00f356 P
00f366 P
00f36c P UnknownSubroutine0f36c
00f380 P
00f392 P
00f3a8 P
00f3b8 P
00f3bc P
00f3c2 P
00f3c4 P
00f3c6 P
00f3d0 P
00f3da P
00f3dc P
00f3ee P
00f3f4 P
00f410 P
00f422 P
00f432 P
00f442 P
00f448 P UnknownSubroutine0f448
00f45e P
00f466 P
00f46e P
00f472 P
00f478 P
00f49c P
00f4a2 P
00f4b2 P
00f4b6 P
00f4ba P
00f4be P
00f4e8 P
00f4f4 P
00f4fa P
00f518 P
00f524 P
00f544 P
00f54c P
00f558 P
00f56a P
00f57a P
00f584 P
00f58e P
00f596 P
00f5a2 P
00f5a8 P
00f5b4 P
00f5d6 P
00f5dc P
00f5e4 P
00f5f0 P
00f5fc P
00f602 P
00f604 P
00f60e P
00f618 P
00f61c P
00f620 P UnknownSubroutine0f620
00f62a P
00f634 P UnknownSubroutine0f634
00f63a P
00f642 P
00f668 P
00f66e P UnknownSubroutine0f66e
00f69e P
00f6aa P
00f6b2 P
00f6b4 P
00f6b6 P
00f6bc P
00f6c2 P
00f6c8 P
00f6de P
00f6e0 P
00f6e2 DS CharStrings
00f6f4 P Trap14Handler
00f722 P
00f726 P
00f736 P
00f746 P
00f756 P
00f75a P
00f780 P
00f78c P
00f79c P
00f7a4 P
00f7aa P
00f7b2 P UnknownSubroutine0f7b2
00f7ca P
00f802 P
00f814 P
00f82a P
00f830 P
00f83a P
00f83e P
00f872 P
00f89a P
00f8c4 P UnknownSubroutine0f8c4
00f8d6 P UnknownSubroutine0f8d6
00f8e4 P
00f8ec P UnknownSubroutine0f8ec
00f8f2 P UnknownSubroutine0f8f2
00f900 P UnknownSubroutine0f900
00f90e P
00f918 P UnknownSubroutine0f918
00f926 P
00f92e P
00f942 P
00f96e P
00f98e P
00f990 P UnknownSubroutine0f990
00f9b0 P
00f9c2 P UnknownSubroutine0f9c2
00f9ea P UnknownSubroutine0f9ea
00f9fa P
00fa0a P UnknownSubroutine0fa0a
00fa16 P UnknownSubroutine0fa16
00fa1a P
00fa28 P
00fa32 P UnknownSubroutine0fa32
00fa46 P UnknownSubroutine0fa46
00fa4a P
00fa50 DL
00fa54 DW
00fa56 DL
00fa5e DS
00fa66 DL
00fa6a DL
00fa9e P
00faa6 P
00faac P
00fab6 P
00fad6 P
00fadc P
00fae4 P
00fae8 DL
00faec DW
00faee DL
00faf6 DS
00fafe DL
00fb02 DL
00fb36 P
00fb3e P
00fb44 P
00fb52 P
00fb62 P
00fb6a P
00fb72 P
00fb76 P UnknownSubroutine0fb76
00fb7c P
00fbcc P
00fbce P
00fbee P
00fbf4 P UnknownSubroutine0fbf4
00fc0a P
00fc1a P
00fc24 P Call_CONCTRL
00fc40 P
00fc44 DL
00fc90 P CONCTRL_0
00fc96 P CONCTRL_1
00fc9e P CONCTRL_2
00fca4 P CONCTRL_3
00fcaa P CONCTRL_4
00fcb0 P CONCTRL_5
00fcb6 P CONCTRL_6
00fcbc P CONCTRL_7
00fcc2 P CONCTRL_8
00fcc8 P CONCTRL_9
00fcce P CONCTRL_10
00fcd4 P CONCTRL_11
00fcda P CONCTRL_12
00fce0 P CONCTRL_13
00fce6 P CONCTRL_14
00fd26 P UnknownSubroutine0fd26
00fd2a P
00fd30 P
00fd46 P
00fd48 P
00fd4e P
00fd58 P
00fd5a P CONCTRL_15
00fd78 P
00fda2 P CONCTRL_16
00fddc P
00fdf0 P
00fe00 P
00fe02 P
00fe04 DW
00fe10 P CONCTRL_17
00fe16 P CONCTRL_18
00fe1c P UnknownSubroutine0fe1c
00fe20 P UnknownSubroutine0fe20
00fe4e P
00fe50 P
00fe56 P UnknownSubroutine0fe56
00fe82 P
00fe88 P
00fe9e P
00fea4 P UnknownSubroutine0fea4
00fed6 P
00fede P UnknownSubroutine0fede
00fef6 P
00ff08 P Call_HENDSP
00ff1e P
00ff22 DL
00ff52 P
00ff60 P
00ff64 P
00ff66 P
00ff76 P
00ff8a P
00ff96 P
00ffa0 P
00ffa8 P
00ffae P
00ffbc P
00ffbe P
00ffc2 P
00ffc4 P
00ffd8 P
00ffea P
010010 P UnknownSubroutine10010
010012 P
01001e P
010020 P
010036 P
010038 P
01003c P
01003e P
010040 P
010056 P
01005c P UnknownSubroutine1005c
01008c P UnknownSubroutine1008c
01009a P
0100c8 P UnknownSubroutine100c8
0100e4 P UnknownSubroutine100e4
0100e8 P
0100f6 P UnknownSubroutine100f6
010108 P
010122 P UnknownSubroutine10122
010124 P
010134 P UnknownSubroutine10134
010146 P
010154 P
010162 P
01016a P
010176 P
01017a P
010188 P Call_FNCKEY
01019a P
0101ac P
0101b0 P
0101ba P
0101be P Call_KNJCTRL
0101c2 P UnknownSubroutine101c2
0101ee P
0101f4 P
0101f8 P UnknownSubroutine101f8
010200 P
010218 P
01021c P UnknownSubroutine1021c
010220 P
010238 P
01023e P UnknownSubroutine1023e
010288 P
010296 P
01029c P
0102b8 P
0102c0 P
0102ca P UnknownSubroutine102ca
0102e6 P
010302 P
010304 P
01031e P
010324 P
01032e P UnknownSubroutine1032e
010354 P
010366 P
010376 P
01039c P
0103a8 P
0103ae P
0103e2 P
0103e6 P
0103ea P
0103f0 P
0103f4 P
0103f8 P
010406 P
01040a P UnknownSubroutine1040a
01042c P
010430 P
010434 P
01043a P
01045e P UnknownSubroutine1045e
010480 P
010488 P
010490 P UnknownSubroutine10490
0104a4 P
0104a6 P
0104bc P
0104c4 P
0104cc P UnknownSubroutine104cc
0104d8 P
0104e0 P
0104e8 P
0104f8 P
010504 P
01051a P
01052e DW
010542 P
01054c P
010568 P
010576 P Call_KEYCTRL
010590 DL
0105a4 P
0105b0 P
0105b6 P
0105ca P UnknownSubroutine105ca
0105d0 P UnknownSubroutine105d0
0105d6 P UnknownSubroutine105d6
0105dc P UnknownSubroutine105dc
010600 P
010604 P
01060e P
01061a P UnknownSubroutine1061a
01063e P
010648 P
010650 P
010656 P
010662 P
01066a P UnknownSubroutine1066a
010676 P
010680 P
010686 P UnknownSubroutine10686
010694 DL
0106a2 DS
0106aa DU
0106ae DU
0106e2 P
0106ea P
0106f0 P
0106fe P
01070c P
010716 P
01071e P
01072a P
01072e P
01073e P
01074e P
010758 P
010760 P
010766 DU
01076e DU
01077c DS PrnStr
010784 DB
010788 DL
0107bc P
0107c4 P
0107ca DU
0107d8 DL
0107e6 DS LptStr
0107ee DB
0107f2 DL
010826 P
01082e P
010842 P
010850 P
01085c P
010864 P
010872 P
010880 P
010886 P
01088e DW
01089c DS ClockStr
0108a4 DB
0108a8 DU
0108dc P
0108e4 P
0108f8 P
01090e P
010918 P
010934 P
010960 P
01096e P
01097e DW
01098c P
010994 P UnknownSubroutine10994
0109a0 DL
0109a4 DU
0109f4 P
0109fc P
010a10 P
010a20 P
010a2e P
010a40 P
010a46 P
010a52 DL
010a62 DL
010a66 DW
010a78 DW
010a8a P
010a90 P
010aaa P
010ab8 P
010ad8 P
010ae0 P
010b10 P
010b20 P
010b3a P
010b50 P
010b6a P
010b70 P
010b76 P
010bac P
010bbc P
010bf2 P
010bf8 P UnknownSubroutine10bf8
010c0c P UnknownSubroutine10c0c
010c1c P
010c60 P
010c62 P
010c68 P
010c88 P
010c8e P UnknownSubroutine10c8e
010ccc P
010ce8 P
010cee P UnknownSubroutine10cee
010d1e P
010d24 P
010d2a P
010d30 P
010d36 P
010d6a P
010d70 P
010d92 P
010da2 DU
010db8 DU
010dbc DU
010df0 P
010df8 P
010e0c DL
010e4c DL
010e5c DL
010e6c DL
010e7c DL
010e8c DL
010e9c DL
010eac DL
010ebc DL
010ecc DL
010edc DL
010eec DL
010efc DL
010f0c DL
010f1c DL
010f2c DL
010f3c DL
010f4c P
010f56 P
010f5a P UnknownSubroutine10f5a
010f78 P
010f8c P
010f9a P
010f9e P
010fa2 P
010fd4 P
010fea P
011006 P
01100c P UnknownSubroutine1100c
011012 P
011044 P
011070 P
011076 P
01107c P
011082 P
011088 P
01108a P
011090 DL
011094 DU
011095 DB
011096 DS StrCommandP
011193 DS StrCouldNotStart
0111ae DS StrFinished
0111bd DS StrPleaseEnterCommand
0111db DS StrHashSign
0111dd DS StrStopped
0111ec DS StrCaretC
0111ee DS
0111f2 DS
0111f6 DS StrPathEquals
0111fc DS
0111fd DS StrRZX
011204 DS
011208 DU
01120a DW
011214 DS
011218 DS
01121c DS
011220 DS
011224 DS StrError
01122e DS StrHasOccurred
01123d DS StrSREquals
011243 DS StrPCEquals
011249 DS StrCloseParenthesis
01124c DS StrCancelRetryIgnore
011281 DS StrBusError
01129e DS StrAddressError
0112bb DS StrUnknownInstruction
0112d8 DS StrDivisionByZero
0112f5 DS StrCHKExecuted
011312 DS StrTrapVExecuted
01132f DS StrPrivilegedInstr
01134c DS StrInterruptPressed
011369 DS StrCalcPackageNotReg
011386 DS StrInvalidUnitNumber
0113bb DS StrNoDisk
0113f0 DS StrInvalidDriverCmd
011425 DS StrCRCError
01145a DS StrDiskMgmtAreaCorrupted
01148f DS StrSeekError
0114c4 DS StrInvalidMedia
0114f9 DS StrSectorNotFound
01152e DS StrPrinterNotConnected
011563 DS StrWriteError
011598 DS StrReadError
0115cd DS StrErrorOccurred
011602 DS StrRemoveProtectionAndReinsert
011637 DS StrNotWritable
01166c DS StrFileSharingFile
0116a2 DW
0116c4 DU
0116c6 DU
0116d2 DB
011d52 DU
0123d2 DU
0123dc DB
0123eb DB
0123f0 DB
012406 DU
01240a DU
01242a DU
01242c DU
01242e DU
012436 DU
01243e DU
01243f DU
012440 DU
012a40 DU
013040 DU
013540 DU
013a40 DB
013a41 DU
013a42 DS
013cc2 DS
013cc8 DS
013cce DS
013d0a DL CurProgBlock
013d0e DS
013d1a DB
013d24 DB
013d2e DU
013d30 DB FCB1
013d30 DB FCB1NumHandles
013d31 DB FCB1DeviceInfo
013d32 DL FCB1DPBAddr
013d36 DL FCB1FileAddr
013d3a DL FCB1ExclCtrlInfo
013d3e DB FCB1AccessMode
013d3f DB FCB1DirLocation
013d40 DB FCB1ClusterSectors
013d41 DB FCB1Unused
013d42 DW FCB1ClusterNumber
013d44 DL FCB1SectorNumber
013d48 DL FCB1TopIOBuffer
013d4c DL FCB1DirSector
013d50 DL FCB1LastAccessAddr
013d54 DS FCB1FileName1
013d5c DS FCB1FileExt
013d5f DB FCB1FileAttr
013d60 DS FCB1FileName2
013d6a DW FCB1MTime
013d6c DW FCB1MDate
013d6e DW FCB1FirstFAT
013d70 DL FCB1FileSize
013d74 DW FCB1FatCache
013d90 DB FCB2
013d90 DB FCB2NumHandles
013d91 DB FCB2DeviceInfo
013d92 DL FCB2DPBAddr
013d96 DL FCB2FileAddr
013d9a DL FCB2ExclCtrlInfo
013d9e DB FCB2AccessMode
013d9f DB FCB2DirLocation
013da0 DB FCB2ClusterSectors
013da1 DB FCB2Unused
013da2 DW FCB2ClusterNumber
013da4 DL FCB2SectorNumber
013da8 DL FCB2TopIOBuffer
013dac DL FCB2DirSector
013db0 DL FCB2LastAccessAddr
013db4 DS FCB2FileName1
013dbc DS FCB2FileExt
013dbf DB FCB2FileAttr
013dc0 DS FCB2FileName2
013dca DW FCB2MTime
013dcc DW FCB2MDate
013dce DW FCB2FirstFAT
013dd0 DL FCB2FileSize
013dd4 DW FCB2FatCache
013df0 DB FCB3
013df0 DB FCB3NumHandles
013df1 DB FCB3DeviceInfo
013df2 DL FCB3DPBAddr
013df6 DL FCB3FileAddr
013dfa DL FCB3ExclCtrlInfo
013dfe DB FCB3AccessMode
013dff DB FCB3DirLocation
013e00 DB FCB3ClusterSectors
013e01 DB FCB3Unused
013e02 DW FCB3ClusterNumber
013e04 DL FCB3SectorNumber
013e08 DL FCB3TopIOBuffer
013e0c DL FCB3DirSector
013e10 DL FCB3LastAccessAddr
013e14 DS FCB3FileName1
013e1c DS FCB3FileExt
013e1f DB FCB3FileAttr
013e20 DS FCB3FileName2
013e2a DW FCB3MTime
013e2c DW FCB3MDate
013e2e DW FCB3FirstFAT
013e30 DL FCB3FileSize
013e34 DW FCB3FatCache
013e50 DB FCB4
013e50 DB FCB4NumHandles
013e51 DB FCB4DeviceInfo
013e52 DL FCB4DPBAddr
013e56 DL FCB4FileAddr
013e5a DL FCB4ExclCtrlInfo
013e5e DB FCB4AccessMode
013e5f DB FCB4DirLocation
013e60 DB FCB4ClusterSectors
013e61 DB FCB4Unused
013e62 DW FCB4ClusterNumber
013e64 DL FCB4SectorNumber
013e68 DL FCB4TopIOBuffer
013e6c DL FCB4DirSector
013e70 DL FCB4LastAccessAddr
013e74 DS FCB4FileName1
013e7c DS FCB4FileExt
013e7f DB FCB4FileAttr
013e80 DS FCB4FileName2
013e8a DW FCB4MTime
013e8c DW FCB4MDate
013e8e DW FCB4FirstFAT
013e90 DL FCB4FileSize
013e94 DW FCB4FatCache
013eb0 DB FCB5
013eb0 DB FCB5NumHandles
013eb1 DB FCB5DeviceInfo
013eb2 DL FCB5DPBAddr
013eb6 DL FCB5FileAddr
013eba DL FCB5ExclCtrlInfo
013ebe DB FCB5AccessMode
013ebf DB FCB5DirLocation
013ec0 DB FCB5ClusterSectors
013ec1 DB FCB5Unused
013ec2 DW FCB5ClusterNumber
013ec4 DL FCB5SectorNumber
013ec8 DL FCB5TopIOBuffer
013ecc DL FCB5DirSector
013ed0 DL FCB5LastAccessAddr
013ed4 DS FCB5FileName1
013edc DS FCB5FileExt
013edf DB FCB5FileAttr
013ee0 DS FCB5FileName2
013eea DW FCB5MTime
013eec DW FCB5MDate
013eee DW FCB5FirstFAT
013ef0 DL FCB5FileSize
013ef4 DW FCB5FatCache
013f10 DB
013f70 DB
013f71 DB
014074 DB
014076 DL
01407a DL DosCallTable
01447a DU End