Sharp X68000 Disassemblies
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Sharp X68000 Disassemblies

Disassemblies of some Sharp X68000 ROMs and Human68k executables.

  • iplrom30.dat - X68030 IPL ROM
  • iplromxv.dat - X68000 XVI IPL ROM
  • human.sys - Human68k for X680x0 version 3.02 Copyright 1987,88,89,90,91,92,93 SHARP/Hudson
  • command.x, containing two bound modules:
  • mopmdrv.x - MEW OPM DRIVER ver 0.999・・・・ Copyright 1991,92,93 MEW
  • mxdrv16.x - X68k MXDRV music driver version 2.06+16 Rel.1 (c)1988-91 milk.,K.MAEKAWA, Missy.M, Yatsube
  • mxdrv17.x - X68k MXDRV music driver version 2.06+17 Rel.X5-S (c)1988-92 milk.,K.MAEKAWA, Missy.M, Yatsube
  • mxp.x - music player version 2.01 (c)1989 milk.
  • pcm8.x - X68k PCM8 polyphonic PCM driver v0.48b (c)1991-93 H.Etoh
  • mdxp.r - MuSic Player For Mxdrv Ver0.09c 97/03/21 byあすかにゃん
  • bind.x - X68k Binder v1.00 Copyright 1989 SHARP/Hudson
  • process.x - X68k Process v2.10 Copyright 1989-93 SHARP/Hudson

Translations are also available. They are implemented via sed scripts, in Shift-JIS encoding.