dlive tts chat widget
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Vampi's DLive TTS


You'll need Git and NodeJS. Make sure they are both in your PATH.

First, clone the repository

git clone --recursive http://git.vampi.tech/vampi/tts.git

Open a command prompt, go to the folder where you unpacked it, and type:

npm install
cd static/streamchat
npm install
cd trovo.js
npm install
cd ..
cd ..

This installs requirements for the tts and the streamchat submodule, which is what connects to DLive.

Next, open config.js.example and save it as config.js. Edit the values in there to fit your needs.

Now you should be able to run in the same terminal:

node index.js

Now point your browser to http://localhost:3080 to see it working, then add the same URL in OBS as a browser source.


node index.js

Upon startup, the bot will send the message, if any, in the config setting hello.


Press CTRL+C, don't just close the window, as the bot can be configured to have a goodbye message in the config setting goodbye.

Testing events

With your streamer account, type one of the following:

  • Ban2
  • Ban
  • Diamond
  • ExtendSub2
  • ExtendSub
  • Follow
  • GiftSub
  • GiftSubReceive
  • Host
  • IceCream
  • IceCreams
  • Lemon
  • Lemons
  • Mod
  • Ninjaghini
  • Ninjet
  • Subscription
  • SubStreak
  • TCValue
  • Timeout
  • ValueUpdated