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#ifndef SYNTH_H_
#define SYNTH_H_
#include <stdint.h>
typedef uint32_t fixed;
#define TUNING 440
#include "envelope.h"
#include "filter.h"
#include "oscillator.h"
#include "voice.h"
#include "sineosc.h"
struct Key {
uint8_t note, velocity;
struct Synth {
struct Voice voices[SYNTH_NUM_VOICES];
float osc_attack, osc_decay, osc_sustain, osc_release;
float filter_attack, filter_decay, filter_sustain, filter_release;
float unison_spread;
float stereo_spread;
uint8_t monophonic;
float tuning; // 440.0Hz
float pitch_bend_range;
float cutoff, filter_eg_intensity, filter_kbd_track, lfo_freq;
// private
struct SineOsc lfo_osc;
struct Key key_stack[SYNTH_NUM_VOICES];
uint8_t key_stack_size;
float volume, pitch_bend, lfo_depth;
uint32_t time;
void synth_init(struct Synth *synth);
void synth_load_patch(struct Synth *synth, const char *filename);
void synth_note_on(struct Synth *synth, uint8_t note, uint8_t velocity);
void synth_note_off(struct Synth *synth, uint8_t note, uint8_t velocity);
void synth_render_sample(struct Synth *synth, float *out);
void synth_set_pulse_width(struct Synth *s, uint8_t width);
void synth_set_unison_spread(struct Synth *s, uint8_t spread);
void synth_set_stereo_spread(struct Synth *s, uint8_t spread);
void synth_set_cutoff_freq(struct Synth *s, uint8_t freq);
void synth_set_resonance(struct Synth *s, uint8_t res);
void synth_set_volume(struct Synth *s, uint8_t vol);
void synth_pitch_bend(struct Synth *s, int16_t bend);
void synth_set_lfo_depth(struct Synth *s, uint8_t mod);
#endif /* SYNTH_H_ */