MML to Standard MIDI File converter
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MML to Standard MIDI File converter

This utility is created for in-development MIDI synthesizer synthesis.js, but it can be used for general use cases.

The features are very limited for now.


From command line

$ npm install -g mml2smf

$ mml2smf test.mml
$ mml2smf test.mml -o output.mid
$ mml2smf -m cdefg -o test.mid
$ mml2smf -m "t140 o5l8q7 ccggaag4 ffeeddc4; o4l8 cgegcgeg >b<gfg>b<gc4" -o test.mid

From JavaScript

import mml2smf from 'mml2smf'

const smf = mml2smf('cdefg') // returns Uint8Array

MML (Music Macro Language)

command MML
Notes c, d, e, f, g, a, b, +, -
Octave o[octave], <, > (4)
Note Length l[note length] (4)
Tempo t[tempo]
Gate Time q[1-8] (6)
Velocity u[0-127] (100)
Channel Volume v[0-127]
Pan p[-64-63]
Expression Controller E[0-127]
Program Change @[0-127]
Control Change B[0-119],[0-127]
Channel Aftertouch D[0-127]
Key Shift k[-127-127] (0)
Set MIDI Channel C[1-16] (1)
Next Track and MIDI Channel ;
Tie ^
Comment //..., /*...*/


To launch:

$ npm start

To test:

$ npm test




Katsuomi Kobayashi (@korinVR / @korinVR_en)