Make dlive extra jazzy
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dlive custom styling

You can apply this CSS to dlive with the use of a browser add-on such as Amino CSS, just make sure it is applied to the entire domain and not just one page. Just copy the CSS out of the dlive.css file and paste it into your plugin.


OK, but what does it do exactly?


Stickers are enlarged and appear over the video instead of the chat.


Channel header

Channel header is squished down to not take up so much height but still gives you access to those buttons and info.



The sidebar is mostly useless. I always tend to just use the following page to find content. For now the siebar is hidden. this means you will not know how many lemons you have! Oh no!

Subdued colors

Images besides the chat are made black and white and tinted dark to clear up a bit of the visual noise.



Chat header is hidden. This contained the top contributors but it took up a large portion of the chat window.