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  vampirefrog 843979e18b add cache.x, chkdsk.x, copyall.x, find.x, pr.x, sys.x, tree.x, where.x 1 month ago
  vampirefrog 257d9433e9 add move.x, sort.x, subst.x, key.x 1 month ago
  vampirefrog 3d73e7aa94 add fc.x 1 month ago
  vampirefrog 3b2a3a9f17 iplrom30 labeling 1 month ago
  vampirefrog c42219f987 mopmdrv labeling and table 1 month ago
  vampirefrog 81f992523b hlk labeling 1 month ago
  vampirefrog 510f258e4e add attrib.x and drive.x 1 month ago
  vampirefrog 01270c7d57 makefile: mopmdrv 1 month ago
  vampirefrog aa62ccbc6c makefile cleanup 1 month ago
  vampirefrog e56116d098 re-disassemble 1 month ago
  vampirefrog 465ce2a402 bind.x: some labels 1 month ago
  vampirefrog 8390a7844d sed script to clean .s files after they're generated 1 month ago
  vampirefrog 7842124111 some translations 1 month ago
  vampirefrog ac9603e543 Makefile: support translations in the en/ folder 1 month ago
  vampirefrog 95787d5bd0 process.x: fix some translations 1 month ago
  vampirefrog cad555cc09 xlate: more sed escaping 1 month ago
  vampirefrog f31b7e189c add has.x and hlk.r 1 month ago
  vampirefrog 0b517b902c make cleaner 1 month ago
  vampirefrog f0ed0e5f89 add mxdrv/mxc 1 month ago
  vampirefrog c4f1b0d0a8 Makefile 1 month ago
  vampirefrog 5845816208 mxdrv 2.06+17_Rel.x5-S translation 1 month ago
  vampirefrog d1bbede13c add mxdrv 2.06+15 1 month ago
  vampirefrog bc17d74cde move mdxp to mxdrv/ 1 month ago
  vampirefrog 6e94b038f2 move mxp to mxdrv 1 month ago
  vampirefrog 36a0d8d3a7 process.x: translations 1 month ago
  vampirefrog 0163d9ca08 process.x: labelling 1 month ago
  vampirefrog dd0ab51095 xlate: for generating sed scripts for translations 1 month ago
  vampirefrog f74e0535fe mopmdrv const pointers 1 year ago
  vampirefrog 56b36946ce human progress 1 year ago
  vampirefrog 3029d4eaae makefile and consts 1 year ago
  vampirefrog 92a753ffe4 more iplrom progress 1 year ago
  vampirefrog 79f7a8f3f3 mxdrv in folders 1 year ago
  vampirefrog f84754d02e opmdrv3 slight tweak 1 year ago
  vampirefrog 152dab9af6 dis flags 1 year ago
  vampirefrog 108b675234 opmdrv3: more labels, tables and instrument data 1 year ago
  vampirefrog 29e6ebe2d3 human.sys: more labels 1 year ago
  vampirefrog b4937da5db some OS addresses consts 1 year ago
  vampirefrog c47863f0e9 human.sys: more labels 1 year ago
  vampirefrog 7b7e2dedbe add opmdrv3.x 1 year ago
  vampirefrog 628a6624c7 remove -p flag 1 year ago
  vampirefrog d987b44ab3 update README 1 year ago
  vampirefrog e859ee6f0d more labels for human.sys 1 year ago
  vampirefrog e1c6a981d2 more labels for commando 1 year ago
  vampirefrog 14ed021af9 add command.x (cmd.x and commando.x) 1 year ago
  vampirefrog 105729c3fe more human.sys labelling 1 year ago
  vampirefrog a15568e05f add some missing doscalls 1 year ago
  vampirefrog 626789c19d separate translations build and other Makefile fixes 1 year ago
  vampirefrog 1185dfa6bf iplromxv, iplrom30: use -B -M flags 1 year ago
  vampirefrog d32b084aa2 PCM8: more labels 1 year ago
  vampirefrog bdbc37abc8 disassemble process.x 1 year ago