Human68k CUI emulator with sound.
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v68periph.h 599B

  1. #pragma once
  2. #include <stdint.h>
  3. #include "okim6258.h"
  4. #include "ym2151.h"
  5. #include "dmac.h"
  6. void v68_periph_init(void);
  7. void v68_periph_render(int nsamples);
  8. uint32_t v68_periph_next_int(uint32_t tstates);
  9. void v68_periph_advance(uint32_t cycles);
  10. unsigned int v68_read_periph_8(unsigned int addr);
  11. unsigned int v68_read_periph_16(unsigned int addr);
  12. unsigned int v68_read_periph_32(unsigned int addr);
  13. void v68_write_periph_8(unsigned int addr, unsigned int data);
  14. void v68_write_periph_16(unsigned int addr, unsigned int data);
  15. void v68_write_periph_32(unsigned int addr, unsigned int data);