22 Commits (master)

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  vampirefrog 9ac8d4ca42 unison key stack fix 3 years ago
  vampirefrog dc8021056f bass patch: zero sustain level for filter 3 years ago
  vampirefrog 15a53a4b01 fix some clicks 3 years ago
  vampirefrog f14f77365a move patches to patches/ folder 3 years ago
  vampirefrog 19f165350c use new envelope code 3 years ago
  vampirefrog b14e155de4 new exponential rise/decay envelope code 3 years ago
  vampirefrog 7ee1cfe355 simple bass patch 3 years ago
  vampirefrog 30a05f0f52 fix unison and stereo spreads 3 years ago
  vampirefrog 9b25b01751 patch loading 3 years ago
  vampirefrog 60af68fb58 some bugfixes, and got a nice bass going 3 years ago
  vampirefrog 693332aa07 add lfo, pitch bend, key stack (for unison trills), filter lfo, filter EG intensity, 24db/oct filter 3 years ago
  vampirefrog 7c84b45a03 sublime project 3 years ago
  vampirefrog 1f29371606 gitignore 3 years ago
  vampirefrog ceaa3e647d added Makefile 3 years ago
  vampirefrog 432d5e421a added simpler filter, split code into files 3 years ago
  vampirefrog b3134536e2 add command line options and cleanup 3 years ago
  vampirefrog cc202fea06 add common.mk submodule 3 years ago
  vampirefrog 1b0cce0fe3 add stereo spread 3 years ago
  vampirefrog 68928a2e76 added sublime project 3 years ago
  vampirefrog d2ac0c1332 added LPF 3 years ago
  vampirefrog 114b8b15b3 added oscillators, unison, triangle, rectangle, pulse width, auto connect to jack output, and auto connect alsa input and control unison spread with a midi knob and pulse width with another 3 years ago
  vampirefrog 525c1d7f09 initial commit 3 years ago